• Hi Eric -

    The jars arrived the day after Christmas, and all I can say is 'wow'. Words don’t really express how lovely these are. The craftsmanship is exemplary and both are just gorgeous.

    The acorn jar is on our mantel, and my husband is trying to figure a way to weasel out of giving the other as a gift. These are something to treasure for years.

    Many thanks!

    Take care and best wishes this holiday season,


  • Pat

    excellent job both of you guys
    the comments you have gotten are wonderful and true, there is not much more that i add to them , but to say that i am inspired ,proud and thankful to be your friend.

  • Linda

    Thanks Eric. Your work is beautiful - I want to buy as many pieces as I can before you become famous and I can no longer afford them!!

  • Margaret

    Eric and Rochelle,
    What a terrific web site. It's quick, easy to navigate and the images capture much of what makes your work extraordinary. Rochelle, your pieces of jewelry are like little treasures, and Eric, I don't know how you do it, but your pieces just keep getting more interesting and beautiful.


  • Tamson

    Hi Eric and Rochelle!

    What a great sale (again) this year! Rochelle, I love my little earrings...I look forward to collecting more of your work. I'm already enjoying my new pieces. I am a true Darrow-junkie :)

    Talk to you soon, I hope! Take care.


  • Kathy

    How wonderful to get this message about your website. I am wearing a pair of the earrings today. Fabulous.


  • Wren

    I own both of the artists work~ as a visual artist myself . . .I find myself continually looking at Eric's pottery as three ~dimensional
    paintings . . .awe struck by their every changing images. From his Raku pieces , to his amazing glaze techniques~the likes one has not seen since the Arts and Crafts Movement.
    As for Rochelle's work~ I own her jewerly . And ,not only am I always asked about them. . .I wear her earrings exclusively~ Beautiful tiny
    paintings and sculptures worn and adored~ Bravo!

    Thank You~ Wren

  • Maurya

    Dear Rochelle and Eric,

    Your web site is beautiful! And (speaking as a poet), I love the names you've given your jewelry and pottery--not to mention aesthetically loving the objets des arts themselves--


  • Doug G.

    I took delivery of my recent order, today.
    The packing of the items was astonishingly expert. I am very grateful for the care used to insure a safe and prompt arrival.

    The pieces are truly spectacular. I am very pleased. Thank you so much. I continue to admire your excellent website as well.

    Best wishes,
    Doug Galloway

  • Lynn

    Thanks Rochelle ! They're all so beautiful !!